I really enjoyed updating our home, so I'm writing this blog to give other homeowners helpful information about painting and wallpapering their homes.

Want To Grow Your Business? Ways Professional Commercial Painting Will Help You Do It

4 December 2020
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Customers, clients, and business associates get a first impression of your company from the moment they step inside the premises. If your building's exterior has peeling paint, old paint, bubbling mold or mildew, or other signs of neglect and damage, they may perceive you as a struggling business or a brand that does not care about reputation. If you want to make the right first impression, you should repaint your commercial building or retouch its paint from time to time.
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Five Signs That It’s Time To Repaint Your Business

29 September 2020
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There are many reasons to repaint your business, but some are more pressing than others. Knowing what they are can help you plan your budget so you can repaint at the optimum time. 1. Rebranding When rebranding your business, it is important that your building immediately reflects your new brand. This will ensure that you avoid customer confusion, partcularly if a large ad campaign featuring the new colors is part of your rebranding process.
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Painting Trim? How To Get It Done Quickly

30 June 2020
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Painting the trim can be a big task, after all, it's in every room of your home. You have it around your windows and doors, around the floors, and maybe even around your ceiling as well. Over time, this trim can get beaten up a bit from people walking around your  home, from your vacuum cleaner, from the family pets, or just from everyday wear and tear. After awhile, the paint on your trim will fade and need some refreshing.
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How To Affordably Turn Your Industrial Space Into A More Workable Environment

26 March 2020
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One of the biggest trends in design right now is industrial design. If you own a company, it may actually be more affordable to rent a big industrial space like a warehouse and then turn it into office spaces. While gutting the warehouse may not be something within your budget, turning it into a space that's more workable may be something you can do.  Have It Painted When you have old, dingy, peeling paint on the walls, it's not going to create a friendly and welcoming work environment for employees.
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Invest In Painting To Make The Office Better For Your Employees

18 November 2019
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If you manage an office and have the ability to make changes, whether they are minor or major, you may decide that you want to make the space better for your employees in every way. This is something that you can do by taking on projects to improve on any features that are lacking. A great example is the trim, ceiling, and walls throughout your office, which may not be doing much to make your employees feel better about coming into work.
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Hello, my name is Donna King, and I want to welcome you to my blog that's all about painting and hanging wallpaper. After my husband and I purchased our home we wanted to do some updating inside the house, but we didn't have a lot of money to spend. Since neither one of us had ever done this kind of work before, we researched the tasks before starting the project. We bought new paint for the walls, and we put up wallpaper in the kitchen. My husband's cousin is a painter and wallpaper hanger by trade, and he told us many helpful tips and tricks. We really enjoyed updating our home, and I'm writing this blog to give other homeowners helpful information about painting and wallpapering their homes.